Grooming ideas for weimaraners

Weimaraners are elegant, noble and athletic breed and were used by royalty in the 19th century. Same with any other breed, this breed needs proper grooming to keep their attractiveness and healthy condition. Grooming is an opportunity for you to inspect your pet’s body for possible signs of illnesses as well as develop friendship with him.

Coat Whether your pet is a short-coat or a long-haired variety, brush the coat at least twice a month to remove dirt, debris and dead hair from his coat. Use a natural bristle brush for Weimaraners with short coat. For long-haired Weimaraners, wide-toothed comb should be used before brushing to work out mats or tangles of the coat. Brush your pet’s sides, chest, neck, belly, legs and tail but be careful not to brush the skin and sensitive areas such as the nose and the eyes.

Bathing Bathe your dog rarely, only when he smells badly and gets very dirty. Wet your dog with warm water but careful in sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose or ears. Gently insert cotton balls into the opening of your dog’s ears to keep water out. Using dog shampoo, rub your hands against the coat in circular motion. You may want to use whitening shampoo on lighter areas of the coat. After shampoo, rinse him thoroughly and dry him with a towel or hair dryer set to low setting. Hairs under the feet, between the pads and the edges of the feet should be trimmed with scissors.

Nail Care Trim your dog’s nails depending on how fast the nails grow. If the nails grow too long, splitting or tearing may occur. To cut the nails, you will need medium to large-sized pair of pliers or guillotine-style nail clippers to cut the nails. These things are available at any pet store. When cutting, cut each nail just a tiny bit at a time. Be careful with the quick, the nerve inside the nail. This nerve, when cut will bleed and cause discomfort to your dog. If in case you do cut the quick, styptic powder or gel will stop the bleeding. Seek advice and guidance from your vet if you are not experienced in trimming a dog’s nails.

Dental care Clean your dog’s teeth regularly, at least once or twice a week. Use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste specially formulated for dogs, all are available at any pet store. Do not use human toothpaste on a dog. Put a little toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush the teeth of your pet.