Great danes, does neutering benefits them

Great Danes have friendly nature hidden in their large and imposing appearance. And many people love Great Danes because of that. But unfortunately, hundreds or probably thousands of Great Danes are being euthanized every year. Not just that! Great Danes are not the only breed euthanized every year. Other breeds of dog as well as cats are the common victims of euthanizing. How could these things happen to such wonderful and innocent creatures?

Humans, especially irresponsible pet owners are the ones to blame for this situation. Pets are usually given up in shelters or worst, abandoned on their own because of various reasons. One reason is that, the owner is not responsible enough to take measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies or breeding. They might not have heard about spaying or neutering or if they have, they are not informed enough about these procedures.

Dog neutering, also called castration, refers to removal of an animal’s reproductive organ, either all of it or a considerable large part of it. This prevents them from producing unwanted litters thus lessen the number of dogs being abandoned or turned over to shelters and later euthanized when no good heart is willing to take them home for good. In addition, neutering helps your male Great Danes stay inside the house more and not escape especially when there is a female dog in heat nearby. Some people also believe that the procedure helps improve a dog’s behavior – a dog becomes more tranquil, less aggressive and has longer attention span. Still others believe that it helps prevent hereditary diseases such as tumors and certain types of cancers, hip dysplasia, eye defects and epilepsy.

Most dogs are neutered between five and eight months of age but humane shelters and veterinarians are starting to neuter their male dogs at a younger age – even as young as six weeks of age. This early neutering does not affect the growth rate and there are no differences in skeletal, physical or behavioral development between animals neutered early and those neutered at a more traditional age. In fact, animals neutered at a younger age often have faster recoveries than those neutered when they are old.

Some owners are hesitant to neuter their dogs because of cruelty issue. The procedure only involves removing of the dog’s testicles surgically. No harm is done to a dog during the neutering process. Through neutering, you are just being a responsible dog owner who helps prevent the spread of unwanted dogs and most of all, prevents death of countless unfortunate souls.