Electric fences insure pet safety

Keep your pet safe! There are two types of fences that will keep a pet in the yard: a high frequency fence and an electric fence.

There are two types of fences that will keep a pet in your yard: a high frequency fence and an electric fence. Both fences are effective at keeping animals from roaming, and will not hurt the animal. Electric fences emit a small electric shock to the special collar the animal wears when they have stepped past the property boundary line. The collar is very close in size to a normal collar, so the pet will adjust to it rapidly.

Eventually, the pet learns where that boundary is and will not go beyond it, risking a pesky shock reminder. The pet becomes conditioned to know where the property boundaries are.This type of electric fence is very popular and easy to install. Only animals wearing a special collar will be shocked. This means that people can walk through the fence and not be harmed in any way. They will not even know it is there.

Electric pet fences are popular with people who have small dogs and cats. Many times, these pets want to roam around the backyard. Small dogs, however, will try to leave the yard especially to investigate noises. Small animals can put themselves into dangerous situations when they leave their yards. Dogs can sometimes get lost and will roam around the neighborhood until they (hopefully) find their way home. Electric pet fences provide the security people want for their pets. If people work all day and want to let their pet outside, they can do so and not have to worry about them. There are many cats that enjoy the outdoors. Protecting them from harm is every pet owner’s mission.

Installing electric fences is easy. There are companies that will come to the house, inspect the yard, and give an estimate for electric fences. This is the easiest though obviously, a more costly way to go. Usually an electric fence can be installed by an individual or small crew in a few hours.

Many homeowners have them and other people do not even know it. The pet will have to wear a collar that will be activated if they cross the line and leave the area. Training a pet is easy and they will usually learn after a few tries. Having a fence is an extra security measure people take when protecting their pets.