Dry dog food, are you harming your dog

Choosing your dogs food is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding his health. I used to spend ages trying to work out which was the best brand to feed my dog, nearly as long as trying to work out what to feed the family.

I must admit that I did originally choose a dry dog food brand as it was just so convenient, clean and appeared to stay fresh longer. Also during the summer months if I was working I could leave it down knowing I would not return to the house full of flies.

What I did not realise though was how it was made and just how dangerous it could be for my dog.

Here are a few facts about dry dog food and the manufacturing process.

A computer programme acertains the nutrious benefits of each ingredient.

The machine that makes the dry dog food is called an extruder and for it to work properly there has to be an consistent amount of starch and very little moisture. (cardboard springs to mind). The dry elements used are flour, grains, Oh and rendered meat and bone meal. Not very digestable.

The dog food gets it shape by the manufacturers applying steam and extreme high pressure. Once the food reaches its normal air pressure it blows up “balloon style”. Basically the food is full of air and not a lot else.

The dried food is then sprayed with compounds, fats and appetizers to make it more appealing to our dogs.

The main worry is that even though the manufacturing process will kill the bacteria the post-manufacturing process is a “minefield”.

The product can pick up bacteria during the packing, cooling and coating stages.

I know it is really difficult to try to find out what is a healthy option for our dogs but have a really good look at those labels the next time you go shopping. Behind that designer packing could be bad dog food.