Dog training collar basics

Dog training collars can be really helpful for many dog owners. There are various different styles to choose from and they are all there to help you to control your dog.

The Main Features of a Dog Training Collar

As mentioned, each different dog-training collar is different from the next. There are some that are designed to fit around the dog’s noses, which control the direction of the dog. They are generally attached to the lead and every time the dog is pulling or you need to reprimand the dog for something, a quick, sharp yet gentle tug on the lead will turn your dogs head towards you, shocking them into doing what you want them to do. An example of this includes:

* The Canny Collar – A really good collar that has a ‘pressure and release’ system. It comes in seven different sizes so it will fit all breeds of dog snugly.

Others are less humane and a lot of critics say they are cruel. These include electric shock collars. Electric shock collars do exactly as they are called – they give the dog an electric shock whenever they do something wrong. Obviously this is really cruel and as safe as most companies say they are, they should never be used over other types of dog training collars. Unfortunately, there are a lot of collars like these on the market including:

* Petsafe Yard and Park Trainer – The collar comes with a handheld device for the owner. When your dog is wearing the collar, all you have to do is push the button on the handheld device and it will send a shock to your dog up to 400 yards away.

Again, electronic collars really should not be used at all and they can be extremely cruel!

There are also collars that are fitted with devices that aim to stop them barking. These include the:

* Static anti-bark collar – This collar has a built in on/off system that you can control. It also has a built in system which detects the vibrations within the dogs bark and it can determine whether the dog is barking or whether it has suffered a knock or a scratch.

The Cost and the Techniques Involved

If you choose a collar that is similar to the Canny Collar, you can expect to pay up to $30. However, for the electronic collars you can end up paying around $280! It all depends upon the size of your dog, what you want the collar for and how far you want the device to be able to reach.

The best way to use a collar is only when the dog is doing something you do not want them to do. They shouldn’t be used too frequently, as, although the shock may be unpleasant for them, they tend to get used to it and so will ignore what you want them to do. Also, always be quick to reward the dog when they have done something correctly. As long as you are gentle yet firm, the dog should learn quite quickly what is expected of them.

There are some books out there that can help you find the right techniques to help you use the dog training collars more effectively. So it is worth checking out your local library or even picking one up online.

Overall, dog-training collars can be really effective if used properly. You just have to do your research first!