Dog grooming

Dog grooming is a lavish salon designed for the comfort and safety of your pet. Dog grooming is more than a way to keep your dog’s coat healthy and sleek. Dog grooming is not just a luxury for your canine companion, it is also a health requirement. Dog grooming is very vital because the physical appearance of your dog influences the way he feels and the way we look at him as well. Dog grooming is all that you need to turn your pet dog into a responsible member of the family.

Dogs who are regularly groomed tend to have a healthier and shinier coat because it stimulates the blood supply to the skin. Dogs with droop ears are especially susceptible to fungus, waxy ears, and ear mites. Dogs are different from human, they do not need to be bathed daily as this will irritate their skin which will lead to skin disease. Dogs like Poodles and Terriers have shorter hair that doesn’t need to be brushed often. Dogs with wiry coats, like Dachshunds, have more demanding grooming schedules. Dogs love to squeak the Wubba and shake the flapping tails back and forth.

Coat maintenance will include all the enrichment measures such as a proper bathing, combing, drying of coat by dryers and many more. Your pet’s undercoat can become a dense mess of loose dead hair and be the major source of shedding. A good quality brush and comb will help you with your dog’s coat, but also remember that your dog’s eyes, ears, and nails require attention as well.

Professional groomers and trainers recommend beginning by stroking your pet’s favorite spots, such as belly or ears. Professional Dog Grooming is both a skill and an art. Professional mobile groomers are in demand all over the country. Providing professional, state certified grooming services for all breeds and cats. Your pet can be happier and more comfortable when you, your veterinarian and professional groomers work together.

Many groomers are now using all-natural dog grooming supplies, as they don’t contain harmful additives and dyes that may irritate your dog. You can find dog grooming supplies at most pet stores or online. If you’re just starting to groom your dogs, you might want to talk to your vet about the best dog grooming supplies to use on your particular breed of dog. Grooming supplies include: dog shampoos, rinses, conditioners and supplements to clean and soften coats; Q-tips and cotton wool and oil to clean ears; toothbrush and tooth paste for cleaning teeth and eye wipes for eyes.

Skin conditions are one of the top three conditions suffered by dogs and cats. Skin cancer is the most common cancer among dogs, and putting a shirt on them to block harmful UV rays can help reduce their risk. The groomers can help monitor and treat skin problems with advice and medication you receive from your veterinarian. Dog hair is prone to attracting and holding on to grease and dirt which can have a bad effect on your dog’s skin.

Clipping your dogs hair between the paws will prevent anything stuck (seeds from some grasses or pebbles) between the pads. Pet Stylists Responsibilities include: Bathe, brush and dry dogs Cleaning ears, clipping nails, and performing other needed services. ) Pet stylists will be required to pass a technical assessment. If your pet fidgets a lot during the clipping, offer treats and praises until he finally gets used to it. Dog grooming is the key to keeping your dog clean and in tip top shape. Dog grooming is an important aspect of owning a dog. Dog grooming is more than keeping the coat and skin clean and healthy, it also involves looking after the dog’s nails, teeth, eyes and ears. Dog grooming is as important to your pet as food is. Dog grooming is also essential not only on your pet’s physical health but also his physiological and psychological well-being.

Article by: Mark Breck

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