Collie puppy characteristics and health problems information

Lassie, the popular series on television has made the Collie a recognizable breed to many. The Collie is noted for it’s intelligence and deep affection for the family.

Appearance – The Collie was originally bred to help with sheep herding and still exhibit a strong, protective instinct. Their guarding skills make them excellent family dogs. Some Collies can be high-strung and nervous, depending on their lineage, but for the most part, they are intelligent and diligent protectors. The Collie is a member of the AKC Herding Group. Weighing 55 to 80 pounds, these dogs can stand 22 to 26 inches tall.

The Collie is an energetic breed and is known for its perseverance. The Collie has beautifully shaped almond eyes and they reflect their perceptiveness. The eyes can be brown or blue. The Collie can either have a smooth coat or a rough coat, and the rough Collies have a fuller coat. They come in sable and white, tricolor and blue merle markings.

Characteristics – The Collie is not suitable for apartment living as they are more comfortable in the great outdoors. A family home with an active family and a large yard is great for a Collie. These dogs are friendly and outgoing, taking their duties as watchdog very seriously. They will sound an alert if there are strange humans or creatures. They can nip the heels of children heading off in the wrong direction or running away from them.

Like most intelligent animals, Collie puppies can be very headstrong and get into general mischief. Puppy obedience classes work well for them and they learn to socialize at an early age. You will need to demonstrate who is in charge and show the Collie what can be allowed and what is prohibited.

Health Problems and Grooming Issues – There are a few issues associated with the Collie. They can suffer from eye problems or PRA. More likely is the possibility of taking your puppy or dog to the vet for jumping from a moving vehicle or exploring his surroundings than for a health problem.

They like to eat, so ensure that the dog does not put on too much weight or there could be medical issues because of obesity. They enjoy three small meals a day.

The rough-coated Collie does not require a lot of brushing and grooming, despite its long hair. In any case, the Collie’s coat must be groomed very often to reduce tangles. This intelligent dog can protect your family and give you years of happiness and attention, making it the perfect pet for you.