Choosing the best dog

Choosing The Best Dog,is sometimes a task that we tend not to put our full attention to.When choosing the best dog for our families,you want to think about intelligence.Intelligent dog breeds often have more variations on response to the owner’s command.

We should prefer dogs which can be easily trained and understands our commands quickly.Compatibility of the dog breed with others such as other pets, strangers and kids are some of the aspects to be taken care while choosing the best dog.

Your requirement for choosing the best dog or a particular dog breed also depends on its temperament.Watchdogs or protective dogs have different behavioral characteristics when compared with biters or aggressive dogs.But even the most aggressive dog can be well trained to be wonderful pets.So it is very important to know the temperament of particular dog breed.

Choosing the best dog; you need to acquire the fact that dogs that are very small make up approximately 12% of all dog breeds, with small 16%, medium 16%, above medium 25%, big 23% and very big 8% respectively.Unfortunately, the big dog breeds life expectancy is generally shorter than the small ones.In nature the dog litter amongst the bigger dog breeds is larger so as to balance things out.

Sharing your home,and your life with a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, as long as you choose whats best. The foolish thing would be to take a chance; and get the dog that looks the cutest to you, or to get the dog that grows to a size that fits your home, or to get the dog that moults the least.These are all valid considerations, but they shouldn’t be your only reason for choosing the type of dog you buy.

The wise thing is to do your research.You need to think about your own situation; and then find the perfect dog breed for you. You need to find out about behaviour, about traits, and about training for dog breeds.You need to discover whether a particular dog is a high-energy breed or a mellow breed. You need to find out how much exercise and space the dog needs. You need to understand if the breed you fancy has any special care requirements, or health issues.