Bulldog mastiff = bullmastiff

Judging by its name, the breed is the result of crossbreeding a Bulldog with a Mastiff. The need for a better guard dog was what triggered this combination. A faster and stronger dog was needed for the job, so this pooch came into the picture, which was more than enough for the job. The result of the experiment was a great success – the people of England (this is where this pooch originated), ended up with a massive dog. The Bullmastiff could weigh anywhere between 110-130 pounds, and stand 24 to 27 inches. Despite being a giant, it also possessed good agility and an abundance of stamina, making catching intruders a simple task to carry out.

It looked tough too, giving people with malicious intentions second thoughts of doing whatever they had in mind. Many people consider dogs of this breed to possess some very attractive traits. These attributes are what made it extremely popular amongst the average pet owners everywhere. Even though it was a huge, which made it seem to be dangerous to have around children, it was completely different in the inside. One good thing about this dog is its understanding of fragility – it’s rather gentle with its human owners and very tolerant of pain inflicted by kids. Unlike many hyperactive and rowdy breeds, this one is reserved and stays passive, unless it’s put in a situation that requires it to defend itself or its master.

The Bullmastiff is affectionate, so expect it to constantly do things to catch your attention. It’ll try to find you when you’re not around, because it feels the need for human companionship. Exercise is something that it’ll most definitely need. Taking it out on daily walks, jogging, or running will do it good. Also try setting time aside for play; this does wonders for the relationship shared between you two. Another thing you should know about having it as a pet is the importance of behavioral and obedience training. They have the tendency to become stubborn, especially if placed in the hands of an owner that’s too soft.

You as the owner should establish your superiority over it before it thinks the other way around. Never be too strict or harsh, and never hit or shout – be firm, but gentle at the same time. Educate its mind while it’s still young, not starting early only makes things harder for the both of you. Allow it to get used to the idea of daily training routines – of which every session must be worth its while. Grooming this pooch doesn’t require a lot of effort – occasional brushing of coat and clipping of nails coupled with bathing when needed will be enough.

But if you really want it clean, get a dog toothbrush and toothpaste; killing the bacteria in its mouth will lower the odds of it getting sick. When trained properly, it can serve as a wonderful pet, an outstanding guard dog, or even both. All you have to do is use the right methods of training, be consistent, and patient – the end result is something you wouldn’t want to skip out on.