Best dog breeds for growing families

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS: Golden Retrievers have beomce increasingly popular because of their easy-going nature and loving personalities. Their gentleness, easy-going attitude and intelligence when responding to commands makes them an ideal family pet. They have the reputation of being one of the most sought after breeds and the popularity of the Golden Retriever will continue to escalate in peoples’ hearts.

POODLES: These dogs are lively, intelligent and affectionate and they are a versatile breed that makes great family pets. The poodle is a favorite of all ages of children and adults as well. There are three sizes of poodles, but Toy Poodles are not recommended for families with younger children. These pooches are also so very cute.

OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG: With his shaggy fur and distinctive grey and white coloring, the Old English Sheepdog looks much more like a stuffed toy than the alert and intelligent dog that he is. This breed of dog is so adaptable and easily transitions from being your early morning jogging companion to a sofa buddy later at night. This breed does take quite a lot of grooming time, in order to keep his beautiful coat healthy and shiny, but the bonding time this dog gives you in return is well worth the time spent brushing him.

ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL: This breed of dog is easygoing, alert and attentive and makes an ideal family pet. An intelligent dog and easy to please, a Springer very soon fits into a family setting. Its long-legged build put it in front of the Spaniels for speed.

COLLIE: Collies are very loyal and dependable herding dogs and they adapt easily to working life and family life. With two coats to choose from, rough and smooth, the Collie is usually appealing to most dog lovers. He is a sweet-tempered dog with a strong grasp of territory and protective instincts.

BOXER: Boxers are very playful, young at heart, fun loving and exuberant. This is a breed that is so versatile for a family pet and they make great companions to adults as well as children. They love to be a running companion as well as loving to cuddle. They get along well with other pets, providing they are properly introduced, and, best of all, they love children more than anything. Both male and female boxers are very alike in temperament.

MIXED BREED DOGS: These dogs are available in all shapes, sizes and personalities, and if you are careful in selecting the exact right one for you and your family, you will all have a buddy for life. Talk to your vet as well as the animal shelter employees about personalities, needs and habits before choosing the one you will take home.

GENERAL: Before going out there to choose a family pet, which will require a lot of time, love, devotion and training, it would be wise to do a little research. Talk to your local vet and also talk to other owners of the breed you are considering. Dogs from the animal shelter can be wonderful lifetime companions. I know, because I and my family had one once and he was the perfect dog and family companion from the very first day we took him home. We loved him and pampered him until the day he passed away. His name was Snuggles.