An overview of tosa inu breed

Since the Tosa Inu isn’t very popular breed I will start with description and some basic info about structure, character personality of the breed. This brave and very prtective dog was bred by Japanese mostly because their hurt pride. As you know dog fights were present almost as long as people decided to have a dog as their pet. In 1854 japanese opened their borders to forigners and the tradicional japanese dogs were being consistently beaten. The biggest reason was that their dogs were smaller and could not put up a fight against foreign dogs. So their pride was hurt. So the emperor ordered to breeding experts to produce the Tosa Inu. This breed was prefected from a combination of the Mastiff, the Bulldog, the Bullterrier, the German pointer. The Great dane and the best fighting dogs already present in Japan (Akita Inu). If the Tosa is trained properly, his temperament won’t be very different then any of the breed that was used to create him. All the breeds are gentle and affable towards people. The Tosas are extremely protective towards family members especialy towards children. You could easely leave your child with him and you can be assured that the Tosa will take good care of him. You just have to be careful , because the Tosa isn’t aware of his size and weight so that it wouldn’t accidently hurt your child. The rules of dog fighting in Japan require that the dog must be silent and steadfast fighter, and the Tosa Inu lives up to that admirably, never giving in and countinuing to fight to the death if necessary without uttering a sound or bark of any kind. However fighting to the death is not a part of the Japanese ritual of dog fightind. The dogs are pitted together and judged on various standards, almost as samurai swordsmen. The fight is discointinued after a period of time and points are awarded to the winning dog with much pageantry and aclaim. The sport of dog fighting in Japan has precise rules and it is stylized almost as much as the Sumo wrestling events. The Tosa Inu is considered to be the Sumo fighting dog of Japan being large powerfull and persistent. Because Tosa Inu is such powerfull dog two people are needed to escort the dog to the pitt. There are some data that Tosa pulled as much as 3,800 pounds.

The Tosa Inu is not a breed for beginners. Whereas Tosas are open and kind to their family members and familiar people, they are usually distant, but never aggressive to strangers. They let them pet them, but they will not become their friends. Tosas show their affection by taking the initiative and asking for gently touches. Doing so, they will always remember that person, but they will only obey their master or mistress.It is usually no problem, if there are other animals in the household. Tosas accept everything which belongs to their environment. But it is easier to live with a Tosa without any other Dog. An exception is the relationship between male dogs and bitches.An intense socialization is inevitable to avoid it.Tosas should be talked to with a soft voice. However it has to be in a consistent and authoritarian way. There is no use in yelling at Tosas or beating them. They do not easily forgive such a treatment and punish you with ignorance and contempt. Because of their sensitivity they notice quickly, when you are mad at them or when they made a mistake.According to the Japanese saying “The most silent are the most brave hearted” Tosas are pleasantly calm dogs, which behave very inconspicuously. They hardly bark, but are nevertheless reliable protectors. They are not easily to be deprived of their composure and they love their daily routine. Should you like bike riding or jogging, your Tosa will be delighted to join you (please not before he is 15 months old). If you can sometimes just go for a short distance, the Tosa will not at once feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied.Tosas are suitable to be kept in a big enough apartment, as well as in a house with a garden. They are not suitable to be exclusively kept in kennels, because their sensitive psyche would become severely damaged. Tosas belong to a family. And now my opinions about the Tosa Inu breed. I bought my puppy when he was 45 days old. So it is safe to say that I have been with him from the moment he was born. The Tosas show their character from the day 1. He made sure that everyone in the house knew his place and his toys. Even when I took him for a walk, although he was just 4 months old he tried to fight with every dog it came across. That didn’t change. Today he is a few months over 2 years old and he acts as he owns the territory he leaves on. He doesn’t tolerate other male dogs. And other dogs are fully aware of this rule. I never yell at him, because he is so cleaver that he recognizes what he did wrong just with the tone of my voice. The Tosas are the kind of dog that doesn’t put up with abuse or punishment without reason. He is quite tolerant with my friends. They can pad him but will never become his friends. And the other great thing about him is his protectiveness towards my little sister. I think that there isn’t a person in the world that could hurt my sister while he is watching her. It is a perfect guard dog. We don’t even lock our house anymore, because we know that we are perfectly safe with him. The other great thing about this breed is that it doesn’t bark. There are other dogs that bark all day long, but in the 2 year period I only heard him bark twice, but that was enough to make your blood freeze in your veins.I would recommend this dog to everyone with a family or little children or to people that is afraid what is going on at night around their house. But remember that this dog requires someone with some experience in dog training.