All you need to know about dogs

So you like Dogs? So do I, everyone does. But while you might be all interested in getting your first canine, there are dozens of primary things that you should know beforehand as well as several finer things, all about dogs.

Here’s a broad data all about dogs.

Dogs descended from Canis Lupus, and that makes them predators in the fairest sense. If you are particularly fond at hurting animals, however small, then it is strongly suggested that you avoid all about dogs. Mastiffs and rottweilers are especially massive. Even if the dog doesn’t mean you any harm, any dog the size of an English Mastiff is enough to pin you down. Get a Chihuahua instead; a dog the size of a chipmunk gnawing at your index can be real cute.

Some breeds of dogs are playfully patronizing, but some stoically aren’t. Prime examples are the Bulldog versus Siberian Husky. The former is playful and patronizing, the latter is energetic and un-subservient. So that means acquire a dog reflective of your environment. If you find yourself all too ready for dog smooching, the features of a sour-puss (Bulldog) will fit all too well. Any outbacker can do well to any energetic breeds like mastiffs and terriers. If you find yourself doing regular joggings, try acquiring a husky for motivation, though you’d have to make sure your dog is “prey drive” resistant.

Although trained dogs are tolerant to the presence of children including piggybacking and ear pulling, take dog breeds that are especially tolerant and trained for such environment. A St. Bernard is a prime example for such environment.

Dogs whose function is more like dolls should be characteristically tolerant, playful, and small, because even if Big Nana is so laidback, a St Bernard’s jaw is big. If you are a parent buying your daughter or son a pet dog, buy her a ‘toy’ dog breed that’ll grow to a few inches into adulthood (and with lots of hairs besides). They can be lugged around, ‘parlored’, and if provoked could be swatted away easily.

There are also breeds of dogs not suited for guard duty. Like for instance, huskies with their friendly manner to people. You’d not want trespassers be greeted with nothing but a friendly tail wag, despite that wolfish appearance.

There are dogs that require experience and strength to handle, because in wrong circumstances they can kill, maim, or subdue humans. Typical dog breeds of this type include rottweiler and the Irish wolfhound.

Summarizing it all, getting a dog doesn’t mean pick a color of choice. You’d have to pick a breed designated for a purpose, and a breed which you (or anybody in your family) can handle. There are lots of things to learn about dogs, and taking care of them is one of the hardest parts.