5 things you should know before choosing your dog breed

Several factors need to be considered in choosing your pet dog. You need to consider a lot of things before going for the breed. Firstly if you are a first time owner you can’t just go for any breed ,You need to consider if you would be able to give time to your canine friend , or the necessary training and grooming to your dog , the amount of space that you can provide keeping in mind the size of the canine . The objectives in buying the pet can be manifold They can become your companion and family friend For security purpose and other works For taking part for canine shows Kept more for outdoor activities like hunting and athletic reasons


Hunting – These are specially kept for assisting people in hunting. It includes hounds, terriers, and gun dogs. Further divisions can be made in this category depending on the skill sets.

Working – They can be popularly referred to as canine workers. This indicates that they are not just merely pets but are human companions in work too. Pastoral and Sled are the two major categories in this kind. Pastoral types look after live-stock and safe-guard them while Sled ones are mainly used for pulling sleds and transportation. Other categories of this type are Detection, Therapy and Rescue, each having a unique quality in each field. Protection canines such as German Shepherds are working variety which is capable of living in apartments as they are in an open space.

Bulldogs – These are medium sized canines that originated from England. They are relatively stocky and compact breed. They are known for their cute saggy skins on their faces. Bull dogs are not all ferocious as many of us think. They are very friendly, playful and at the same time responsible and protective.

Toy – These are cute small sized canines. They are also known as miniature variety . Popular variety includes Bichon Frise and Chinese crested .

Choosing a canine breed is not a straight forward process. It’s like understanding your need of the pet , and then going for the breed. Wrong selection of breeds leads to different types of problems both with the pet and the owner. The temperament of the job that you want in your pet is of utmost importance .Ideally one should do a good research on the dog breed the person is interested in having. Talking to a friend or relative having the same breed of canine and knowing their habits and ways is always helpful For those of you who are passionate about dogs or wish to have as a pet can always pick up these Delightful Dog ecards and send them to dog lovers . You can also find some great pet’s ecards in web sites like 123greetings.com and ecards4pets.com