5 things you need to know before you buy your first puppy

Bringing a new puppy into the home as a new member of the family is an experience that everyone should have. Kids absolutely adore puppies, all of your neighbors have puppies, and now it’s time for you to take part of this joy and fill your house with puppy love!

But before you bring home your first dog, there are five key items that you must consider before making this large commitment to raising another life in the house, even if it is just a dog:

Puppies Need Plenty Of Your Time InvestedPuppies are like raising toddlers – they need constant supervision and require plenty of time to be devoted to training and housebreaking. And even when your puppy becomes familiar with basic training principles, he will still need additional supervision well into his adult years.

Entertainment is another factor to consider. Keep in mind that if you and your family are gone most of the day, at work or for any other reason, buying two dogs may help keep the animals entertained by each other.

If You Have Children, They Too Will Need To Be Trained To Handle The New PuppyAs mentioned above, puppies need an abundance of your time for training and care. If you have children in the house then you must factor in their need to be taught how to handle the puppy, what not to do in terms of improper guidance, and safety tips when playing with the dog.

Puppy classes are an ideal choice to make for both you and your children. There is nothing better than hiring a professional dog trainer to help guide you and your children with proper puppy care.

Puppies Are ExpensivePerhaps the term “expensive” is a bit over the top, but for many families that are on a budget, raising a new puppy can take quite a bit from the old bank account. You will need to buy toys, treats, bones, registrations, training aids, food, and of course, veterinarian visits which consists of checkups and shots.

Puppies Do Not Stay Small ForeverAlthough this tip is obvious, you would be amazed at how many people gave up their dog because it grew too big, too fast. For some reason, we like to bring home a new puppy and forget completely that it may grow into a very large pet, depending upon the breed. Make sure that you do your due diligence and find out how big your new dog will grow when he becomes an adult.

Most Dogs Are Not For Lazy PeopleWith the exception of a variety of toy breeds and miniatures, the vast majority of dogs will need plenty of daily exercise. These little guys need plenty of room to run around and play. They also need people to play with and toys to keep them entertained. This means you! If by any chance you prefer to live a sedentary lifestyle and cannot offer your time and energy to daily exercise, consider purchasing a breed that does not need much activity.