3 advantages of neutering your dalmatian

Breeding Your Dalmatian

  • 1. Lessens male aggressive and territorial behaviors, but doesn’t affect the dog’s personality. Behaviors are often owner-induced, so neutering is not the only answer, but it is a good start.
  • 2. Prevents the need to roam in search of females in season.
  • 3. Decreased incidences of urogenital diseases.

This means of controlling breeding stock (neutering) improves the chances that knowledgeable breeding will take place, with dogs that will carry the breed forward because of their positive traits and absence of undesirable ones.

A matter of recent public controversy revolves around the contention that purebred-dog genetic factors carry a certain number of physiological flaws and susceptibility to certain diseases. The flames of controversy are fanned by people who ignore the fact that non-purebred animals suffer from the same kinds of conditions, and that there is less attention paid to identifying illnesses and infirmities in non-purebreds and almost none to eliminating them.

Selecting a female Dalmatian that you plan to breed is very important for proper breeding. You must choose one who you hope will become the foundation of your kennel. This means that she must be of the finest producing bloodlines with an excellent temperament and free of major faults such as deafness. Be cautious if you are offered a “bargain” brood female dog. This is a purchase to where you should not settle for less than the best and the price will be in accordance with the quality.

Conscientious breeders feel very strongly that the only reason for producing puppies is to improve and uphold the quality and temperament within the breed. It is not because he or she hopes to make a quick cash profit on an average litter, which never seems to work out in the long run and only accomplishes little beyond perhaps adding to the unfortunate number of unwanted dogs.

With conscientious breeders, the only intention for breeding a litter is a desire to improve the quality of dogs in their own kennel. As pet owners the reason for breeding is to add to the number of dogs that they own with a puppy or two from their present favorites.